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Lucy Lemay Cellucci

Storyteller. Author. Podcaster. Caffeine addict.

"This book is the real deal. I've read dozens of self empowerment books, and this one most definitely takes the cake. Don't NOT read it."

Joleene Moody, Screenwriter, Producer & actor. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, Sticks TV, Stage 32

Every experience we have in life, every emotion we feel, every moment we stand in is governed by the story we tell ourselves. How we perceive our circumstances dictates whether we feel happy and engaged in our lives or held hostage to our environments.

After years of people pleasing and fulfilling the roles I was taught to believe were expected of my gender, I came to realize the connection we feel to our authentic being is what brings about the feelings of wholeness and well-being so many of us are desperately chasing.

Every meal tells a story
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Lattes, longings, and leaning in to life’s challenges. You need something strong to get you going. Don’t worry. This storyteller’s got you covered! Grab a mug (or the whole pot) and join your host, author, Lucy Lemay Cellucci, as she reaches out to busy, multitasking women with to-do lists as long as their arms! Learn about the “have-it-all” approach to the modern woman’s lifestyle and how it can get in the way of happiness.

About Me

I am all about strong coffee, mellow wines, and spending my downtime in front of a fire with a good book. I am passionate about food, family, and jokes with inappropriate punchlines. Though I am a homebody who is quite comfortable hanging out in the kitchen (that’s where I keep the wine opener, after all), my happy place is on a ski hill in the winter and the cottage in the summer.

The Storyteller Speaks

Want to bring the storyteller to speak at your next event? Lucy gives heartfelt and hilarious talks about life that will entertain and inspire a female audience to self-empowerment. Audience members will be given permission to embrace their imperfect lives and reconnect with their self-worth.

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