The art of storytelling has always been something to which I have been drawn. I first began my career as a Canadian storyteller back in northern Ontario, crafting tales of creative fiction when my high school theatre teacher would inquire about, often in front of the entire class, the reason for my habitually late arrivals. The winning excuse involved an ambulance, a tour bus of circus performers with expired library cards, and a call-to-action moment that had me directing traffic with the lion tamer’s whip. My ability to weave a tale that evoked laughter from my peers and irritated teacher was my earliest lesson in the power of storytelling to shift human emotions.

Today, I am proud to call beautiful Ottawa, Ontario my home. I cannot get enough of the serene and picturesque conservation areas that surround my house, many of which have served as the cradle of inspiration for my writing, giving me the quiet and solitude I desperately needed to develop the ideas that would result in the collection of essays that form the bedrock of my latest book, You Are Here. Writing You Are Here has taught me two important lessons: One, it’s never too early to meal-plan (6:00 a.m. is a perfectly reasonable time to take a roast out of the freezer), and two, the pursuit of happiness is an ongoing, nonlinear journey that we have the ability to shape however we choose.